Online health, safety
& environmental issues training.
HSE Passport offers an online health, safety & environmental issues training module for professional freelance contractors.

Risk awareness in the work place

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Welcome to HSE Passport, you are able to take our health, safety & environmental issues training by clicking on the JOIN NOW button.

We also offer host companies and employers a HSE Passport checking service, this service is simple and 100% accurate enabling the worker to demonstrate their competencies easily, enabling safe work placement.

Only on satisfactory completion of the test will we issue the unique HSE Passport ID Card. This has a unique ID number and picture printed on its face.

To pass the test will require the taker to pass core competences in -

  • Emergencies
  • Workplace Safety
  • Use of DSE
  • Employee Health (Trips, Slips, lifting)
  • Personal safety
  • Driving safety
  • Environmental issues

This module will set the industry benchmark in giving clients the assurance that any contractor in possession of the HSE Passport will have received training and proved their understanding of Health, Safety and Environmental issues.

For further information and a demonstration of how this will work in practice, please contact us on: 0845 055 7058 or email us at:

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"This service offers great peace of mind, H&S is such a big issue."

C Allen, MP Jobs

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